Why do you need Rekey Locks? There can be a lot of reasons for this. You buy a new house.
And fear the previous owners may have keys to your house. lost keys and are
You are concerned about security. So, instead of changing the whole lock, good option is Rekey Locks.
It would save you a lot of money as locks are expensive.
How to rekey locks? You can hire a professional locksmith to do all the work for you. If you
Want to save money and deal with a tricky situation? You can rekey locks yourself. This article
I will guide you about everything you need to know while rekeying locks.

Rekey locks – Step By Step.

You are tired of having a bunch of keys for the different locks, and you want to have one key for
All the locks. It can be possible. All you had to do was change all doors’ locks with the same lock.
But the question arises How to rekey locks? The procedure can be simple if you know how the
Locks work.
First, you must remove the Cylinder from the door containing all the pins. Now, replace the old.
Pins with the new ones according to the pattern of the keys. Then you need to place the Cylinder.
Back into the lock and assemble all the parts. Further on in this article, we will describe how the
Rekey locks work.

How a lock works

Before we tell you how to rekey locks? You need to understand the working of locks first. The
Locks contain two sets of pins, driver pins, and key pins. They act as obstacles and help the lock.
To be in position. So, when we push the keys into the locks, it interacts with the key pins, which
Push the driver pins, which ultimately causes the plug to move, and the lock is open.
The driver pins are attached to the springs and have the same length. You do not need to
Replace these when rekeying locks. The other key pins need to be replaced as they have
Different lengths.

What you need to rekey locks

You need at least one key to pull out the pins for this procedure. But you must call the locksmith.
If you have lost all the keys. Knowing how the locks work and can open them yourself would be
Incredible as it will save money.
You need the Rekey Kit, which contains various tools you need. It would help if you also had some tools to
Open the door.
● 4- in-1 screwdriver
● Squeezer
● Needle nose pliers

The complete procedure of How to rekey locks

#1 Remove the Doorknob

First, you need to remove the doorknob. You can only do this if the holes are aligned. You need
To turn the doorknob counterclockwise, you can use the key to turn it to the right. Then by
Using the remover tool, you can separate the knob from the door.

#2 Remove the Cylinder

Now, you need to remove the Cylinder from the knob. For this, turn the key back and remove it.
But in some locks, there is a cap present on the knob. You need to remove that first by using the
Right tools.

#3 Remove the Clip Ring.

Next, you must remove the C-shaped ring from the Cylinder, which helps keep the lock-in.

#4 Remove the Key Plug.

Now, you need to remove the key plug from the key housing with the help of the pusher device.

#5 Remove the Old Pins.

Now, remove the old pins from the Cylinder so that you can replace them with the new ones to
Change the lock’s key. But be careful while doing this and avoid mixing old pins with the new.
Ones. It will jeopardize the whole thing.

#6 Insert the New Pins.

Insert the new pins by following the pattern on the key’s chart. This pattern must be necessary.
To open the locks. You can use tweezers from the rekeying kit to insert the new keys.

#7 Insert the Key Plug into the Housing.

The pins should be facing towards the top. Now, you need to insert the Key plug back into the
Housing, but ensure the key is attached while doing this.

#8 Attach the Clip Ring.

Now, attach the clip ring back to the Cylinder.

#9 Insert the Cylinder Back into the Knob.

After changing the pins, you need to place the Cylinder back into the knob as you removed it.

#10 Reattach the Knob to the Door.

So the final step is to attach the knob back to the door, and you have successfully changed your
Lock’s key.

#11 Test the Key.

Now, you test the keys with the lock. Suppose it functions properly, then well done.
You have saved yourself a lot of money by doing it yourself. But unfortunately, if things do not go well, you.
Should look at the procedure again and follow the exact instructions. Still, if you cannot do this.
Properly, you need to hire a professional locksmith.

Tips for Rekeying a Lock

● It is a highly complex procedure, and you must handle the small pins. If you have poor
Vision, I suggest you avoid this as pins pattern is critical in working locks.
● Firstly, make sure that the new pins work efficiently. Another important thing does not
Throw away the old pins immediately. Otherwise, this can prove to be a loss for you.
● If you are rekeying the multiple locks, it should be done one by one as if you do it all at
Once pins can get mixed, you can get into trouble.

What is better, change the locks or rekeying the locks.

Lots of people ask what to do. In my opinion, in some conditions changing the locks is better.
And in some rekeying can be beneficial. So, when should you change the locks? Well, if your
Locks do not function properly and are old, and it is better to change them. You must be thinking that.
Locks can be repaired. Yes, of course, it can, and I would advise you to let the locksmith look at
Your locks, and if he thinks he can repair them, you should do that instead of replacing them.
As it can be expensive to change all the locks.
So in case, you lose the old key, and your house security is at risk, then instead of replacing you.
Can rekeying your house. If all the locks are of the same brand, you can make one.
Key for all locks will save you handling a bunch of keys.
Usually, when people move into a new house, they are afraid that the previous owner might
Have the house’s keys. In this case, you should opt for rekeying the house as it is affordable.

Is it legal to rekeying the locks?

If you own the property, changing or rekeying the locks is legal. But in some cases, if you are a
Tenant, and according to some rules, you can not do this without the property owner’s
In this case, if you do this, you may face severe consequences as it will come under
Property trespassing. So, in any case, if you want to rekey the locks, you should consult with
Your owner, before doing this and asks for permission. In some countries, the owners.
  1. Responsibility is to help you with such things. You need to ask them about the problem.


How much does it cost to rekey locks?

It costs around 30 to 50 dollars to rekey the locks. But if you hire a professional locksmith to do
For the job, they usually charge a fee of 50- 60 dollars.
Can I rekey locks without the help of a professional locksmith?
Yes, it is possible. It would help if you bought the necessary tools for this procedure. It involves changing
Small pins with the new ones. It would help if you were careful while doing this.

Can you rekey all the locks into one key?

Yes, you can do this. It will save you from the hustle of handling a bunch of keys. For this, you.
We need to pick one key and replace all the knob pins according to the structure of that key.


We hope you have understood How to rekey locks. Instead of changing the locks, you can
Rekey them if you have lost a key and buy a new house. If you have locks of the same brand,
You can even rekey all your locks into one. In this way, you can save yourself a lot of money. But
If your lock does not function properly, then you should replace it instead of rekeying the locks.
You can learn How to rekey the locks by looking at the instructions in the article.

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