Change locks vs Rekey Locks

Have you heard about the rekeying of locks? Usually, when people move to a new house or
lose their keys, they think that the only option is to change the locks. They need to find out the other options they have. So, the best way is that consider all the options and
choose the best among them.

Change locks vs. Rekey locks Which one should you opt for? It depends on your requirement.
In some conditions, it is better to change the locks, or in some, the best solution is to rekey the
locks. Here in this article, we will tell you about everything in detail so that you can choose the
suitable option.



Change locks vs. Rekey locks

Change locks vs. rekey locks. Which one is better? If you are concerned about the security of
your house and afraid that someone might have the keys to your home, you should opt for rekeying instead of changing the
locks. Moreover, when the locks are old and rusty and
do not function properly, you must replace them. If you want to understand more about these methods,

please keep 

please keep on reading. You will learn about the pros and cons, which is budget-friendly, and how you
can perform them.


What does it mean to change locks?

If you want to save money, you can change your locks yourself. In this, you can change
your old locks with new ones. You buy the new locks according to the type of your locks
and hire a locksmith to change the locks. It is relatively easy. It would be best if you looked for the
right tools and then changed the locks by following the guideline.
You need to consider some factors while choosing the new locks, like brand name, quality, price,
and features.


What does Rekeying the locks mean?

Improve the security of your house; it is the economical way. In this, you change the keys of
your locks by replacing the key pins of the locks. What does it mean? It is the component of
locks. The keys and locks work together. When we enter the right key, it interacts with the key
pins, forcing the driver pins to come along the shear line, and finally, springs move, and the lock

Rekeying the locks means that we change the key pins of the old locks with the ones according
to the pattern of the new keys, as key pins follow the specific way, and when they match, the lock
opens. In this way, you can change the keys without changing the locks. It might sound like a
complicated procedure, but you can hire a locksmith. It is best to have at least

one key to perform the process, but if you do not have the keys, then professional locksmiths
have the tools to make this work.


When should you replace your locks?

If you have the following situations, it is best to replace your locks.

● If you have old locks that do not function correctly and are afraid about your home’s
security, it is better to replace them as your security is at risk, and you should take
immediate action.

● You want locks that match your interior and have a good look. To have the locks of your
choice, you should replace them.

● You want to upgrade your security system and install digital locks that have
better security than manual ones. To make this work, you had to change the old locks.

● You are tired of handling a bunch of keys and want to have the same key for every lock,
but this only works if you have all the locks of the same brand. To make this work,
replace the locks with new ones from the same brand, and then you can make the
master key.


When to rekey the locks?


It would be best if you opted for this when you face the following circumstances.

● You lost the keys to your house and are afraid about the security of your home, and then
the best way is to rekey the locks as it is economical.

● You buy a new house and doubt that previous owners might have the keys to the home.
It is better to rekey the locks to improve security.

● You want to have one key for the whole house. To make it possible, you need to rekey
the locks.


Pros for Replacing the Locks

Everything has its advantages, and replacing the locks has some benefits, which are as follows:
Customizations according to your choice
You buy the new house and do not like the previous locks. So, when you change the locks, you
have the liberty to choose locks of your choice, according to your aesthetics, and it can also
improve security.



Nowadays, many advancements have been occurring in this field. You can install digital locks
with better security and feasibility for the customers. So, changing the locks is a better option if
you want modern technology.


Cons of Replacing the locks

In my opinion, it has only one disadvantage:



The only disadvantage of replacing the locks is that it is costly compared to rekeying them. You
have to pay for the locks and the labor; if you want to install the digital locks, the cost will be


Pros for rekeying the locks

The advantages of rekeying the locks are as follows:
Increased the security
You wonder if your previous tenants might have copies of the keys to your home. When you
rekey the locks, all the previous keys will be useless, and you no longer need to worry about the
security of your house.



In this method, you only had to replace the key pins rather than the whole lock. It will include
only the labor cost; you must buy the pins. If you compare the cost of replacing the safety
with the rekeying of locks, you would understand that it is the cheapest method to improve 


Easy to perform

You’ll be able to do this as soon as possible. It only takes around 5 to 10 minutes to rekey the locks. You
need to call the locksmith and let him do the job.
Cons for rekeying the locks
The only drawback of rekeying the locks is that your security will not be updated according to
the latest trends.


No Security upgrades

When you rekey the locks, the only drawback is that you will need help to upgrade the
security level. If you have inferior quality locks, your security will be at risk, and rekeying the
locks would not help your cause.


Can you do it yourself?

You can hire a locksmith at a reasonable price. If you have the basic knowledge of how the
locks work, then it would be simple for you to do this. To replace the locks, you only require a few tools. It requires only the screwdriver and the new lock. If you think you can deal
with the tricky situation, it will save you a lot of money. But if you believe you cannot perform the
task, do not worry, as there are companies in Dallas, Texas, that provide 24/7 services.

To rekey the locks, you need a rekeying kit that is very expensive. If you want to do this
yourself, you must buy the equipment. Rekeying the locks is a very complicated process; if you
need to learn how the locks work, it is better to hire a professional to perform the job. Moreover, If
you have to rekey the lock of only one door, then instead of buying the rekeying kit, hire a
locksmith, as it will be economical for you.



Should you rekey all the locks when you move?

Yes, it is better to rekey all the locks for security reasons. But if you are short on budget, you
can rekey the locks of doors with access to the outside.


Can you rekey the locks without replacing them?

Yes, it is possible. If you have lost all the keys to the locks, then it would be difficult for the
locksmith to rekey them. In this procedure, you only had to replace the key pins rather than the
whole locks.


My needs to operate better. Should I replace or rekey it?

If your lock is old, worn out, and needs to be fixed, then rekeying the locks would not
help you. It is better to change the locks.



I hope you got the answer to changing locks vs. rekey locks. Which one is better?
To find this, you need to assess your need and situation, and if changing the locks would help
you, you should opt for this. If you are low on budget, then rekeying the locks is better. But if you
want to upgrade the security system, you should prefer to change the locks.

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