Everything You Need To Know About Lock Re-keying

People generally ask why they need Lock Rekeying. The answer is simple when you move into
the new house; then, due to security reasons, you have to opt for this. Because there is a risk
that the previous house owner might have the keys, and your house security is at stake.
Moreover, if you lost the keys to the house, there is no need to change the locks; you have the
option of Lock rekeying as it will save a lot of money. So, you must be thinking about how to do
that. Here in this, we will guide you through everything and tell you what it means to rekey locks
and how to do that.

What is Lock Rekeying?

Lock Rekeying is the process that is used to improve security. But, the question is, what is
that? and How to perform Lock Rekeying? You usually need to rekey the locks when you lose
the keys, move into a new house, or are afraid that someone might have the keys to the house.
Lock Rekeying means that you would change the working key by changing the pins of the locks.
For this, you would not have to change the locks; all you have to do is change the key pins, and
after that, the previous key would not work, and you no longer need to worry about the home’s

Reasons To Rekey The Locks

If you are tired of the different keys to the locks and want to have the master key to the home,
then you should opt for this method. With the help of rekeying the locks, you do not have to
change all the locks, and all you need to do is rekeying the locks and make the one master key
for all the locks. Moreover, if you are afraid of home security when you move into the new home
and lose the keys, then instead of replacing the keys, opt for rekeying locks. Most owners rekey
the locks whenever they rent a house to a new customer because they are responsible for
maintaining the security.

When You Should Replace the keys instead of Rekeying the locks

Rekeying locks always does not work. There are some problems which force us to replace the
locks. For instance, if you want to rekey the locks, you need the key. But, if you lost the keys
and did not have the spare key, then you need to replace the locks.

Moreover, If your locks are damaged, then rekeying them would not work. It would help if you
replaced the locks. If you want to have a single key for all of the house, then to do that, you
must have all the locks of the same company; otherwise, it would not be possible to do that. So,
for that, replace the locks first and then rekey all the locks to a single master key.

Options For Rekeying The Locks?

Hire the Professional Locksmith

It is the most expensive or best way to rekey the locks. Because it is a complicated procedure,
and only the professional will have the ability to do that. But, the only drawback is that it will cost
a lot. People are busy and do not have the time, so they should opt for this method.

Take The Lock To the Local Locksmith

If you want to save money, you should take the Lock to the locksmith so they can rekey the
locks. It is the best way because all you have to do is unlock the Lock and, by using the tools,
separate the locks from the door. It will save a lot of money, and also you will get quality work.

Rekey The Locks By Yourself

If you are not willing to pay a huge amount to the locksmith, you can do it yourself; for that, all
you have to do is buy the rekeying kit, and by using the simple steps, you can rekey the locks.
But, before that, you should understand how locks work.

How Locks Works?

The working of locks is very simple. There are two components, driver pins and key pins. These
pins control the locks, and when you move them, locks open or lock. So, when you insert the
key into the Lock, it first interacts with the key pins, which then move the driver pins and,
consequently, lock will open. If you want to rekey the locks, then you only need to replace the
key pins.

The procedure of Rekeying The Locks

If you want to rekey locks by yourself, you must follow this procedure. So, first of all, what you
would do is you will buy the rekeying kit according to the model of the locks. After that, you need
to remove the doorknob, and by using the tool, pull out the cylinder from the locks. Then, you
need to replace the clip ring from the Lock, pull out the old pins from the cylinder, and insert the
new pins. After that, you need to put the clip ring and cylinder back into the locks, and b using
the right tool, attach the cylinder to the doorknob and then to the door. So, now you have
rekeying the locks, this Lock will not be open with the previous key.

Need To Rekey The Locks? Call the Lock and Pop Company

Suppose you are looking to rekeying the locks and cannot do it by yourself. So, you should call
the Lock and Pop Compomy. We will send a professional locksmith as soon as possible to help
you to rekey the locks. When hiring a locksmith, you should be careful that you hire from a
certified company. We have the certification, and our long list of satisfied customers speaks to
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People May Ask

Is It Legal to rekeying the locks?

Yes, if you own the property, you do not need to ask for permission, and you can rekey the locks
whenever you want. But, if you are the tenant, then there are some protocols that you need to
follow. Ask the owner first, and you can do that after getting permission. But, generally, it is the
house owner’s job to rekey the locks when they rent the house.

Can You Rekey the Locks By Yourself?

Yes, it is possible to do that. If you know how locks work and have the right tools, then you can
perform the task, but it is better to call a professional locksmith as it is a complicated process
and will not be easy for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Rekey the Locks?

The cost of rekeying locks can vary from state to state and area to area. So, it generally costs
around 40-60$ per Lock to rekey locks. Moreover, if you hire a professional locksmith, he will
charge around 50-100$ for a visit.

How long Does it take Rekey the Locks?

It takes around 15 minutes to rekey the locks, but it also depends on the type of locks. Some
locks are more complicated and take more time. Moreover, it also depends on the person’s
skills; if he has the experience, he can do that in under 15 minutes.

How Hard is It To Rekey The Locks?

It isn’t hard if you have the right tools and the knowledge of how locks work. But, if you are not a
technical person and cannot deal with the pins of the locks, you will find it difficult.

Can You Rekey All Locks Into One Key?

Yes, it is possible to make one key for all the locks. But, there is one requirement that all the
locks be of the same brand, and only in this condition will locks be rekeyed into one single key.

Can A Locksmith Make a Key From The Lock?

Yes, they can do that. So, do not worry when you lose all the keys; all you have to do is call the
professional locksmith who can make the key. They will pull out the locks, and by copying the
pattern, they can make the key.


After reading the article, you would have understood different aspects of rekeying locks. It
becomes necessary for security reasons when you move into the new home and lose the keys.
Moreover, if you want one key, you should also opt for this. But, not every time you need to
rekey the locks; in case of damage, you need to replace them. You can either call the locksmith
or do the job by yourself. If you want to do it, then you should follow the procedure if you do not