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Residential High Security Locks

Security should be your main priority because of the increasing crime rate. You must ensure
your house is safe when you are not home from theft or vandalism. So, the question is that how
can we improve home security? High-security locks are the best way to improve security. This
article will discuss the types of high-security locks, what makes them different from others, and
the advantages of using them. With the help of high-security locks, you will get
an extra level of security.

Why Do You Need High-Security Locks?

Your house security will always be at risk when you are not home. Thieves can break the locks
and can steal your valuable items. Even if you are at home at night, they can still break into the
house. The crime rate has increased considerably, and your home security will always be at risk
if you do not take proactive measures. So, it has become the need of the hour to improve that
by installing high-security locks. There are different types of high-security locks; further, we will
explain them in detail.

Types Of High-Security Locks

There are different types available in the market.


Deadbolts are one of the common types that most people use to improve house security. They
are attached to the door by drilling the hole, which increases safety, making it difficult to open
the locks by force. So, by installing that, you no longer need to worry.

Door Chains

It is the type of that lock that prevent home intrusion most effectively. So, in this case, the hole is
drilled into the door, and a chain is attached to the door frame. Due to that, if someone tries to
enter the home forcefully, it will prevent that.


This type of lock is the most traditional but is also considered the most secure. When
installing these locks, it will be difficult for thieves to break them as they are made of heavy

Combination Locks

Combination locks are another type that is used all over the world to improve security. It is
similar to padlocks, but instead of keys, these locks use a combination of letters and
symbols. So, when we enter these combinations, then these locks will open.

Keyless Entry Systems

Most people now prefer these types of locks because they are considered safe, and it is not
easy for thieves to open them. They use a keypad, and locks will open when you enter the
code. During the intrusion, you
will get a notification on your mobile. It is the advanced type, and you can connect to the mobile also.

What makes High- Security Locks Different?

High-security locks are made to improve security, but most people need to learn what makes them
different from others. Here, we’ll talk about this in detail to better understand you.

Metal Composition

Locks are made for security, and if they are made of light material, it would be easy for thieves
to break them. So, if you want to improve safety, find the locks that can withstand forced entry.
High-security locks are the best choice because they are made of heavy metals, making
breaking them difficult. You will get an extra layer of security.


High-security locks have a bolt that can withstand any force intrusion. Bolts are made of
hardened steel which is difficult to breach. If you want to save the house from forced entry, it
should be considered while installing the locks because thieves can easily break them if they
are made of light material.

Lock Cylinder Complexity

If you are upgrading the locks, then you should consider this factor. Thieves are really smart,
and they can break the locks. So, to protect your house, install locks that are difficult to
break. The composition of the cylinder should be complex so that you can protect the home.
High-security locks are difficult to break because of the making of the cylinder, so if you have
those, you do not need to worry.

Drill Protection

Most thieves use the drill to break the locks, so no matter how difficult your lock is, they
can destroy it completely. So, you must think that your house is always at risk, but you
do not need to worry about this if you have high-security locks. They are designed to protect the
locks by drilling. They are made of heavy metals that can withstand.


Advantages Of High- Security Locks

Due to the increasing crime rate, it is necessary to take security measures. With any security
system, you will get the advantage. Here, we will discuss the advantages of using high-security

Protect the Home

One of the main benefits of using high-security locks because with the help of that, it makes it
difficult for thieves to break into the home. Suppose you have gone out of the city, and when you
come back, you find out all your valuable items are not present there, and someone has stolen
them. So, to avoid all of this, it is better to improve security before you have to deal with all of
this. Moreover, the lives of your loved ones are also at risk. Because during the robbery, there is
a chance that they might hurt them. The best way to keep the thieves away is to stop them from
entering the home.

Impossible To Pick

High-security locks are made of heavy metal, and the composition of cylinder locks is very
difficult. So, it takes work for the thieves to pick them up. You would need a
specific tool and experience to open the locks. So, only the professional locksmith will have the ability to
open the locks. So, you do not have to worry about the home’s security if you have high-security
locks. So, if you have decided to improve the security, call a professional locksmith to help you install that.

Peace Of Mind

It is very important when you are away from home and have no worries about home. This will
only be possible if you have to install high-security locks. With that help, you can sleep
peacefully at night the relaxation by knowing that your house is safe.

Monitor Remotely

With the advancement in technology, you will get control of the locks even when you are not
home. So, if you use keyless entry systems, you can control the locks even when you are not
there. The main benefit of using it is that if someone tries to enter the home, you will get a
notification on your mobile, and you can take protective measures.


It is an important factor that, due to the different types available in the market, you can
customize the locks according to your need. You can tell your professional locksmith to install
the locks that fit your requirement.


How to choose the right type of high-security locks?

After reading the article, you will have an idea of the different types of locks; now, it is time to
decide the type of locks you need. Most people ask how they can decide that. So, to decide on some factors, you need to consider that. First, you need to look for the level of security
and install the locks according to that. Another important factor is that access
your budget and then decide according to that.

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Due to the increasing crime rate, high-security locks are the option because they are the better
choice and are difficult to break because of their composition. After reading the article, you would
have understood that every home must have protective measures. There are different types of
locks, and to install the best one needs to access your requirement. There are lots of benefits
that you will get if you have those locks. Overall, you will protect the lives of your loved ones and
your valuable items from thieves. So, it would be a good investment to install high-security

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