How To Get Locks Opened & Changed – Everthing You Need To Know

Whenever you start a new business or have an established one, the security of the office is
important that can not be neglected. Thus, an office or any commercial building should have
locks in place to keep the environment free from burglars and thieves that can damage the
business and profits.

Moreover, you may also need to change locks every now and then, as it is a good practice to
increase the level of security. Changing locks frequently update your security, and the people
already placing something won’t be able to face the new locks if they had the keys to the
previous one. In this article, we will discuss how to get locks opened and changed and what
are the best practices.

What is lock open or change?

There are multiple scenarios in which you will need to get your locks opened or changed. First
of all, as human beings, we can make mistakes and lose the key to locks. For example, you
have a small office just outside of town, and you have to travel multiple miles to reach there, but
when you reach, you can not enter the premises as you lost the key on the way.

These situations can be pretty frustrating, and to cope with them, either you will have to break
the lock or call a locksmith that can deal with the situation more professionally. Some types of
locks are external, and they can be broken easily, but the ones fixed inside the door are hard to
remove. Thus, you should opt for a locksmith that can identify the situation and get you a new
key for the lock or open it for you.

When we need open or change

You can face multiple scenarios in which it is essential to get the locks opened or changed.
Locks usually need opening when the key is missing or the key breaks inside the lock. However,
some locks are not based on keys; rather, they are smart locks, and they involve a different
procedure to get the things unlocked. These things can not be done by a normal person with no
experience; that’s why it is essential to call a professional that can tackle these types of
situations better.

However, like opening locks, maybe you need to change it. Some locks are like traditional
values that are too old and easy to open. To increase the security of the premises, it is important
to have the best locks in place on every door, cabinet, and desk to save sensitive information
and valuable things.

What Is The Procedure To Unlock?

As there are a variety of locks available in the market, there are different methods to unlock
them. These locks have a different mechanism and working, while some of them are too
complex to comprehend. That is why a locksmith with proper experience and knowledge of the
mechanism is needed to open the locks using his special equipment; otherwise, it won’t be
possible to open them without any tool. Moreover, the knowledge needed for them also varies.
For example, if there is a smart lock in place, the locksmith with the knowledge of traditional key
locks won’t be able to understand and open it as that requires extensive knowledge of IT and

What Is The Procedure To Change?

The installation procedure of locks varies according to their type. For example, a simple door
lock may need a drilling deadbolt mechanism to create holes inside the door to have it properly
fixed. While doors are also not the same, some doors are metal based while some are made up
of glass. That’s why the installation procedure differs, and the changing procedure does too.

Smart locks usually use wires in their installation, and it is important to keep that in mind while
uninstalling them from any place. Removing them without any knowledge of their mechanism
can damage both the lock and the place. Thus, always consider hiring a professional locksmith
that can deal with your lock issues efficiently. Otherwise, you have damage to multiple things
that can cost more than hiring a locksmith.

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How do I get my locks opened?

Depending on your location, you may be able to find a locksmith who can open your locks for
you. However, if you have a standard lock, you may be able to open it using a paper clip or
other small object.

How do I change my locks?

Changing your locks is a relatively simple process and can be done with a few basic tools.
However, it is important to make sure that the new locks are of the same quality as the old ones
to ensure maximum security.


There are several situations where you’ll need to have your locks opened and changed. When
the key is lost or the key breaks inside the lock, locks typically need to be opened. Some locks
are external and are easily broken, but locks that are fixed inside the door are difficult to
remove. There are numerous locks on the market, and there are various ways to unlock them.
Some locks are outdated, simple to open traditional.

Every door, cabinet, and workstation needs to have the best locks installed in order to boost
security. When installing smart locks, wires are typically used, so it’s important to keep that in
mind when removing them from any location. Locksmiths can help with filing cabinet locks, desk
locks, and cabinet or desk lock installation or replacement.