When do you need to do this? For instance, you forgot or lost your house keys and did not have
any spare keys to enter the house. You have come from a very rough day and are very
frustrated. First, you need to be calm and focus on How to unlock the door without damaging
it. Because in the heat of the moment, you only want to enter the house and would try anything
to do that. You will not care about the damage to the door. Mostly, at this moment, people start
kicking the door as hard as they can and use some other methods like breaking the door with
some heavy object. It can be helpful in the present condition, but later on, you would regret the
decision as now you have to repair the door, which can be very expensive.

Here in this article, we will tell you some methods you can use to open the lock in an
emergency. You can use several methods to unlock the door, like lock picking using different
tools, credit cards, or the drill machine. You should call the locksmith to help you if anything
does not work.

How to Unlock the door without damage it.

When you try to open the lock without keys, you will damage the locks. How to unlock the
door without damage? You do not need to panic. The best way is to call a professional
locksmith to unlock the door, but if you cannot contact him, you have to open the lock yourself.
You can use different tools to unlock the door. You should understand how the lock works and
focus on small things. The other method is to use the drill machine and open the lock by
destroying it. You can use a credit card to unlock the door. The bump key can also be
resourceful in this procedure. Here in this article, we will explain each method in detail and the
right tools to perform the procedure. By learning this, the reader could unlock the door without
any damage.


1- Lock picking

How do the locks work? You need to understand the different parts of the lock and how they
work together. You need to keep in mind the minor details. There are different types of locks like
mortise locks and pin tumbler locks. The method for picking both locks is different. You can pick
all the locks, but this method is not as easy as it sounds.
Here we will try to tell you about the pin tumbler locks, how they work and how you can pick this
kind of lock. Mostly, people use this kind of lock in residential properties. So, it would be better
to teach you How to unlock the door without damage it.
The basic components of the locks are key pins, driver pins, plugs, housing, and springs. Key
pins interact with the specific pattern of the key. When you insert the keys, the plug rotates in
the housing, and the keys and springs correspond together to open the lock.
So, you need to open the lock without keys, and then you need some tools to open the locks,
like bobby pins and a paper clip. You should use the material that can bend and open the lock
with that help. Tools like a rake, hook, and tension wrench is also usable for this purpose.
Target the key pins to open the lock. Using these tools, you would try to reach the key pins, and
then by putting pressure, you may be able to open the lock.
How difficult is it to pick the lock?
If you know how the locks work and with some practice, you can pick the locks quickly. But, this
also depends on the quality of the lock as well. If you have a good quality lock, it is difficult to
pick it. It is not that you cannot pick a good quality lock. All you have to do is be careful and
target the right location to open the lock.

2- Bump keys

This method uses a specified key to unlock the door’s lock. You must think we have the door
keys so that you can open the door. It is not the standard key. It is used to open the doors of
multiple locks. The key is made of specified grooves and cut and can be used for multiple locks.
But it should be made on the pattern of the lock. The question is how this works. You must enter
the bump keys into the lock by inserting pressure with any source. The pressure causes the key
pins to move, which will move the driver pins from the shear line, and if you apply torque at the
right moment, the lock will be open.
But it has the drawback that it does not work on the car. Another setback is that some houses
have anti-bumping security measures, so in these cases, it is not possible to open the lock by
using a bump key.
Where can you purchase the bump key?
You can easily buy these kinds of keys online, like on amazon and in the local hardware shops.
As these keys are available, everyone has access to them; some people can also use this for
illegal purposes. It is better to have an anti-bumping system.


3- Using a credit card

The most popular way to open the door’s lock. You can use a credit card or any small plate
made of plastic that looks like a credit card. In this procedure, you use the credit card to push
the lock by force. You must angle your card toward the latch to carry this procedure. Then you
need to apply the force against the weight of the door. The timing of both actions should be
simultaneous to opening the door.
The material you are using should be hard as you must apply pressure to make this work. If you
are using a credit card, you cannot use it again. So, it is better to use the expired one or
another. You can not use this method for deadbolts or high-security locks.


4- Drilling the lock

I would not suggest you use this method. As the name suggests, it is a destructive kind of
method. In this method, your lock will be completely damaged, and you will not be able to use
the lock again. But if you are fed up with the other methods, and none of the methods works for
you, then you should go for this method.
To carry out this method, you need tools like an electric drill and screwdriver. Plug the drill into
the socket and try to aim the lock of the door. The primary purpose is to destroy the lock by
breaking the pins and springs, so the door opens. It could only take a few minutes if you
performed all the procedures correctly. While using the drill machine, you should be careful and
not damage the door during the procedure. If you cannot handle the drill machine properly, do
not opt for this as it can be dangerous, and call the professional locksmith to open the door.
Can you open any lock by using a drill?
You can protect your lock using anti-drill technology; in this case, it is impossible to open the
locks using a drill machine. But, a professional locksmith can open the lock by using this. They
just had to increase the destructive power and, knowing where to apply, could open the locks.

5- Open the door by force

You have tried all the methods, and now you are angry and want to open the door of your house
at any cost. So, how will this work? You can open the door by pushing the door as hard as you
can. In this method, when you use reasonable force, the door will be dislocated from its position,
and the lock will be opened. You can hurt yourself in this method, so make sure that you cover
your legs, and sometimes, you can damage your door. It is not the best method, and I would not
recommend using this. Only in the emergency, opt for this method.


6-Call the professional locksmith.

The best way is whenever you face this situation. You should immediately call the locksmith as
they have the proper tools and experience to deal with these situations. Several Dallas, Texas
companies provide 24/7 services and will be available whenever you need them.



I hope you would have understood how to unlock the door without damaging it. I believe the
critical factor is that you should not lose your temper and try to stay calm. Because if you get
angry, you could damage the door. So, you need to follow the methods mentioned above and try
to open the lock. If none works for you, it is better to call a professional and let the locksmith do
the job for you.

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