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Keyless Smart Lock

In the ever-changing world of technology, many things are making our lives easier. Not a decade
ago, many inventions changed our ways of living. For example, we had to use our keys to
unlock the car door and then use it for ignition to have a good start. However, with a keyless
entry remote and remote head keys, it is easier and much more convenient.
This article will discuss everything save so much time when unlocking your car and keys. Both devices are efficient, save time when unlocking your car, and provide you with a better experience. They can even be used to start your car and
remotely unlock it when in a radius.

Keyless Smart Lock Entry Remote

As the name suggests, the keyless entry remote does not have a key. It is entirely operated with
a single remote that can lock, unlock and ignite your car engine. They come in handy in
multiple situations and are used with newer models of cars. However, they can 
unlock the car within a specific distance.

These devices use encrypted radio signals to interact with the car and give commands.
However, they have a security downside and may leave the cat more vulnerable to theft.

Remote Head Key

A remote head key provides hardware and software
options to lock and unlock the car and can be called a hybrid tool. Unlike a keyless remote, a remote head key contains a key. The key is attached to a fob with
buttons to interact with the car. The device uses specific
programming to communicate with the car’s transponder to give it commands.

How Do I Replace My Keyless Entry Remote Or My Remote Head Key?

It is human nature to forget and lose necessary items. That’s why it is no surprise that you have
lost your keyless entry remote or remote head key. When they are lost, you can only drive your car if you have a backup; it is nearly impossible to access the car.
However, you don’t need to worry too much about it as the matter can be solved in two ways.
First of all, could you communicate with the car dealership? They can certainly help you to get a new
key fob which can be used to get your car back on the road. However, they usually
need help and refer you to a locksmith.

Luckily, locksmiths are not expensive options. You can contact a professional and certified
locksmith to get your new keyless entry remote or remote head key made if you like. It is an easy
procedure as you have to sit back and let the locksmith do his work. They will create a new key
fob for your car, and you can get back on the road without further delay.

Different Types Of Replacements

There are multiple types of key fobs that you can have for your car, and it is essential to
determine their type before indulging in any procedure.

Standard Cut Key

A standard cut key is a traditional type that must be inserted into the car’s lock and
turn the key to unlock it. They are without any smart technology, and these type of keys are
easy to make and does not require any programming costs.

Transponder Key

The newer models of cars have transponder keys. These keys have RFID and use a chip to
communicate with the car and can be used to control different functions of it. For a transponder
key, the locksmith has to do programming according to your car, as these keys provide better
security to the car. For example, the car won’t start even if the thief gains access to its inside
unless the radio frequency of the transponder key matches it.

Smart Key

some models have smart keys that are similar to the remote keys but provide extra features;
unlike standard cut keys, they can be used to unlock the car from longer distances remotely,
and their presence inside or near the car is enough to start it.

What Is The Best Option Among Dealership And Locksmiths?

A dealership tries to claim authority over your key fobs and charges a whopping amount to get you a new one. However, in the case of locksmiths, you can get your keys faster,
more efficiently, and at an affordable cost.
Thus, it would be best if you opted for a locksmith, and at Lock and Pop Inc, we provide the best
locksmiths who can create key fobs most professionally.

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What distinguishes a remote head key from a keyless entry remote? Both tools are effective and
greatly reduce the time it takes to unlock your car. They can also remotely lock and
start your automobile when you are within a set distance. A fob with buttons to communicate
with the car is attached to the key.
If you want a new keyless entry remote and remote head key created, you can contact a
locksmith. Since you need to sit back and let the locksmith work, it is a simple process.


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