Fresh Lock Installation

Locks are essential parts of our lives. They provide security, protection, and freedom
to live a peaceful life. You can find locks everywhere in daily life, on doors, cabinets, or drawers.
Nowadays, smart locks are also trending and making their way to the top choice. However,
locks can break, and they also need replacement, or maybe you changed a door and need a
fresh lock installation.

If you are starting fresh, the first thing that comes to mind is the procedure for lock installation.
Please don’t worry; we’ll talk about the complete process in this article and the essential tools. Fresh
locks are relatively more complex to install than lock replacements because they need heavy
hardware work such as drilling. However, we’ll discuss the complete process to enable you to
do that in detail.


Fresh Lock Installation

There are different kinds of locks, each with its installation process. They vary based on
security, size, and type. Some locks are conventional, while some are based on technology.
That’s why it’s important to know what type of lock you will install and the tools needed. Other than the lock type, it is also essential if you are doing a replacement or starting
a fresh lock installation.

Fresh installation involves an extra step in the process that involves measuring the bore size
and using a drill machine to achieve it. The procedure involves carefully and accurately
measuring the lock size and creating a hole wherever you want to install the lock. Once you finish the pre-requisite, could you install the lock?


Preparing Door For The Lock

Whether the lock is traditional or smart, first, we need to create a place for it. In this case, we will
be using the example of a door. First, we need to select the size of the backseat. The backseat
is the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the hole. The size is usually about 2 3⁄8
inches, but the size can be different for your lock size, so make sure to measure the center of a
lock with tape.

Once we are done with measurements, make a neat hole through the door using a drill
machine. After that, to create a hole for the deadbolt lock on the edge of the door, take proper

measurements. In most cases, you can also use templates to make proper holes. The
pre-requisite is done at this point, and it is time to install the lock.


Creating a Place For The Lock Latch

Well, you have created a place for the lock cylinder inside the door. It is time to create the place
for the latch on the edge of the door. First, place the latch plate or template on the edge if it came with the lock and trace the size. Chisel the insides of the trace and make a place for the latch.
The process may need more time and work if you are doing it by hand, so there are other
options, such as drills that can create an outline from the sides and chisel the rest quickly. Place
the latch plate on edge and fix its position. Make sure that the latch fixes correctly and firmly
on the door edge.


Preparing Door Frame For Latch

Now it’s time to create a place for the lock latch to extend and lock the door. First,
check the mark that lets us measure the center of the lock cylinder and use a 1-inch drill on both
sides of the mark. After the drill, chisel the unnecessary bulk inside the door frame and make
room for the lock extension.

Once done, make a 1⁄8 hole in the frame to fix the latch frame above the hole and screw it
into place. By doing this, we have created a place to install a lock, and now we can move
forward to installing a conventional or smart lock.


Identifying The Lock

From a wide range of locks, identifying the type is crucial for the next task. First, please make sure the lock
is the same size as the hole, and the lock cylinder should be at the center of the hole. If it
aligned perfectly, then the size is confirmed. Second, could you try to identify the tools needed to install the
lock? Some are conventional, while some smart locks. They have different criteria for installation.

Standard locks are easier to install than smart ones, which involve exterior, internal and
mounting outlets. Although, the basic steps for lock installation are the same. If you are dealing
with a simple lock, there are no data cables outside the keypad or fingerprint scanner.


Aligning Lock

After confirming the type of lock and the instruments, we will use, place the lock cylinder inside
the door’s hole through the deadbolt. Once it is properly inside, check before fixing if it is aligned
at the center of the hole. If not, try to extend the deadbolt by using a screwdriver through a
D-shaped hole until it is aligned.
When you are inserting the deadlock, could you make sure to check the top side of the lock cylinder? The
The “Top” mark guides the upper side of the lock. Now the face of the deadlock should be on the
side of the door, and the lock should be at its position.


Face Plate

When it is aligned, it is time to fix the lock in its perfect place. The faceplate is on the edge of the
door with the deadlock. The plate holds the deadlock inside its boundary, and there are usually
two screws to fix into the door. Hold the lock in place and start screwing on the faceplate.

You may face issues with closing the door as the face plate has width. You can use a hammer to
diligently strike the face plate into the edge of the door. This will make the structure carved
inside the door and produce space for closing the door frame. Once it is fixed, the face plate will
fix the lock cylinder at its position, and now we can move on to install the strike plate.


Fixing Strike Plate

After the door is done with the lock, we can now install the strike plate. The plate is installed on
the door frame, allowing the deadbolt to be fixed inside. So make careful measurements of
where the deadbolt will lie and mark the location. Create 1-inch drill holes on both sides of the
mark and carve the remaining insides.

carving, fix the strike plate on the door frame and screw two holes available on the
plate. Once it is done, could you try the lock? If it works perfectly, you don’t have to use force. Else try
to make way for the deadbolt or check the lock cylinder. Please ensure the insides are enough to hold the deadbolt; otherwise, the door won’t close.


Fixing the Covering

Now everything is done, could you fix the covering of the lock cylinder? The upper part can be a key or
door knob. For smart locks, it can be a keypad. But for now, let’s consider that a key lock. Put
the key lock on the lock cylinder and carefully align it with the lock cylinder. Fix the keyframe
and screw it to the door. Again repeat the procedure and fix the other frame on the opposite side
of the door to finish the installation.


Finishing Installation

You are nearly done, although the lock cylinder needs to work fine. Could you check again if
you face any anomaly or resistance while opening or closing the lock? However, if the door
works smoothly, it is time to get peace of mind and security. And You have finally done a
complete fresh lock installation.



Do you know if Fresh lock installation requires more work?

Yes, and also heavy machinery. Before installing a lock, you must take the measurement and drill holes into the

Are smart locks more challenging to install compared to conventional

Well, there are different factors to consider. If you have the right tools, they are no different from
an ordinary lock.

What tools are needed to do a fresh lock installation?

To complete the process, you may need a drill, screwdrivers, and screws to correctly fix the lock inside the door.



Our lives would not be complete without locks since they give us a sense of security and protection. Making a hole wherever you want to put the lock requires carefully and precisely
estimating the lock’s size. Knowing the tools needed and the lock type you intend to install. It is essential to determine the type of lock for the following task. Some locks are
conventional, while others have unique installation requirements for smart locks.
There are differences in appearance and functionality, but the fundamental processes for installing a lock are the same. You can try to follow the steps thoroughly, and you can easily install a fresh lock.

fresh lock installation