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Locksmith In Dallas

There are endless conditions, from a home or office lockout to key duplication, where you
need a trusted locksmith in Dallas. Finding a good locksmith who is trustworthy, affordable,
and quick to respond is quite challenging.
Even if you find one, you may get charged heavily even for a simple job. You may find it hard
to find a reliable and trusted locksmith, you can call anytime.
From changing your front door lock to installing surveillance systems in your office, Lock and
pop provide all sorts of locksmith services in Dallas. We are available 24/7 to keep you
safe and secure all the time.
Here is a brief overview of our superior services as a locksmith in Dallas, TX.

Automotive Locksmith Services In Dallas

You may forcefully snap the key in the ignition when you are late for work, or your ignition
lock may malfunction. Stakes are so high that you can quickly forget the key within the ignition lock.
If your car’s keyless entry system is not working smoothly or you want a duplicate key
for your spouse, Lock, and pop get you covered. Our skilled locksmiths in Dallas can
immediately craft a new key for your car while extracting the broken one from your ignition.
We provide ignition lock repair, replacement services, and steering lock repairs to make your
ride smooth and safe. You can also trust us for advanced vehicle security since we deal in
sidewinder lock installation and repair.
Our locksmiths are highly skilled in crafting advanced keys such as laser-cut and
transponder keys. We also program transponder keys. Our mobile unit will reach your
I would like to let you know that location and complete your work with guaranteed satisfaction. Below are some of our
superior automotive locksmith services in Dallas:

  • Broken key extraction
  • Car key duplication
  • Rekeying services
  • Car door opening
  • Laser cut key crafting
  • Transponder key programming
  • Ignition switch repair and replacement
  • Steering lock opening and repair
  • Break-in repairs
  • Sidewinder security lock installation and repair

Commercial Locksmith Services in Dallas

Any business owner’s first and foremost priority is keeping your records and assets secure.
At lock and pop, we take this responsibility and strive to protect you fully.
You may find it challenging to protect your records if you have a considerable influx of
outsiders in your workplace. We deal in biometric and wireless security locks that can limit
the entry of irrelevant people into your office’s record room. Besides biometrics and wireless,
we also deal in access control systems such as pin pads and other electronic and digital

If you wish to install locks to cabinets or change the already installed locks, we can do the
job for you. We can also rekey the existing locks if you have lost their keys. Besides these,
we also install and repair mailbox locks.
We can further strengthen your workplace’s security by installing security doors, motion
detectors, and hidden cameras. We also deal in their maintenance, so you don’t have to
worry even after years.
You can install a new safe, relocate the existing one, or change the combination of the safe.
Lock and pop locksmiths in Dallas are just a call away to help you relocate your safe. We
also sell and install safes, and our team will install the safe at your desired spot safely and
Not to forget, we also provide conventional locksmith services in Dallas, such as office
door opening or replacement, key duplication and rekeying services, and broken key
extraction. Contact us for any of these commercial locksmith services in Dallas:

  • Biometric and wireless security locks installation and repair
  • Electronic and digital locks installation and repair
  • Access control systems setup
  • Security doors installation and maintenance
  • Cabinet locks, mailbox locks replacement, and repair
  • Lock replacement and rekeying services
  • Hidden cameras installation
  • Commercial safe installation, relocation, or combination changing

Residential Locksmith Services in Dallas

If you have just moved into your new house in Dallas, you should first replace all the locks. It
may cost you a few bucks, but you will be sure that you and your loved ones are safe. Lock
and pop are a team of expert locksmiths in Dallas that will reach you in no time and change
all your locks at a very reasonable price, so you are comfortable in your new home.

We repair problematic garage door locks and garage door remotes. Whether you have a troublesome front door lock or the garage door lock is bothering you,
call us, and we will get it fully functional in no time. We can install new door locks or
repair the previous ones for you. Also, we provide rekeying service if you have lost your door

You can also trust us for advanced home protection as we are experts in deadbolt
installation and repairs, remote-controlled locks, and pick-resistant locks. If you find it difficult
to handle so many keys, we can set up a master key system so you can access all your
locks with a single key.

While you are away from your home, you can ensure the safety of your loved ones as we will
install complete home surveillance systems and live monitoring devices that you can access
from anywhere, and hence you can ensure your loved ones are safe.

We deal in all sorts of residential safes, such as those for guns, jewelry, etc.

We provide
complete maintenance of these safes, combination changing service, and safe relocation
services. Our skilled locksmiths in Dallas can also open the safe if you have forgotten the
combination, so you have to worry the least. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any of these

  • Home lock installation and repairs
  • Lock rekeying service
  • Lock replacement
  • Master key setup
  • Deadbolt installation
  • Keyless smart locks
  • Domestic safe installation
  • Safe relocation
  • Safe opening and combination changing
  • Home surveillance systems

Emergency Locksmith Services in Dallas

You should always keep a contact number of a trusted and reliable locksmith in Dallas that
is quick to respond so you can contact him in any emergency. Lock and pop make sure to
reach you within 20 minutes of calling, getting you immediately in any trouble.
You can call us if you face any emergency, such as a home lockout due to a lost or stolen
key or a malfunctioning door lock. Whether the biometric lock of your office is not functioning
correctly or the key to your lock is misplaced, you can avoid the embarrassment of a lockout
by calling us. Lastly, contact us immediately if your car’s keyless entry remote is not working
correctly or you have lost your car keys.
Our emergency locksmith team quickly responds and will reach you in no time. We have a
lot of experience in what we do, and we will not waste your valuable time, ensuring that we
resolve your issue immediately and satisfactorily. Call us if you need help with any of these

  • Home lock rekeying
  • Commercial lock key duplication
  • Car door opening and rekeying

Lockout services in Dallas

The most embarrassing and frustrating situation is mistakenly locking yourself out of your
house or car. Whether you have misplaced the key or have forgotten it in your home or car,
you are now standing out of your own car or house and waiting for someone to help you get
back in.
Many of our clients initially contacted us in a lockout situation. It is a prevalent yet agonizing
situation that can happen to anyone at anytime.
Lock and pop acknowledge the worries that a lockout brings with itself and strives to keep
them from reaching you. Our team of mobile locksmiths in Dallas gets you in 20 minutes
so we can minimize your tension as much as we can.
We specialize in key duplication, rekeying, and door-opening services and our experts are
very quick in what they do, ensuring you get back in your home safely within no time. Our
car lockout services include door opening and key duplication, ensuring you are again good
to go on the road. Contact us if you need any of these services:

  • Home door lock opening
  • Home lock rekeying
  • Home lock key duplication
  • Car door opening
  • Car rekeying

When do you need a locksmith?

The answer to this question is self-evident and very vague at the same time. You should add
a trusted locksmith to your contact list who can visit your home or office for routine
maintenance or any emergency.
You may need to call a locksmith in Dallas if you have relocated to a new house and want
to change all the door locks. If you have lost the key to your home, office, or car, you are in
an awkward lockout situation, and you may need to call a locksmith that is quick to respond.
For new lock installation, replacement of a non-functional lock, or repair of a malfunctioning
lock, you may need to call an expert locksmith. Moreover, you may need to call a locksmith
for rekeying of any lock or key duplication service.
If you stay away from your home frequently, you may need a locksmith to install a
surveillance system in your home so you can monitor and ensure the safety of your beloved.
In short, there are endless situations where you may need a locksmith. You should save our
contact number beforehand in your contact list, so you are satisfied that you have an
experienced and trusted locksmith available for you all the time.

Why Lock and pop?

Lock and pop have been providing locksmith services in Dallas for a long time, and all we
have earned in these years is a good reputation. We develop a strong bond of respect and
trust with our clients, and they keep referring their friends and relatives to us due to our
We find our work exciting and fun, and the harder to open a particular lock, the more we
enjoy cracking it. Our team is skilled and professional, maintaining professional yet friendly
behavior during our visits to you.
Our main aim is to provide a lightning-quick service, reaching you in less than 20 minutes of
your call, so your lock-related worries can be relieved immediately.
We are available 24/7, even on weekends and holidays. Our services are affordable and
durable, giving you the highest safety without emptying your pockets.
Lock and pop consider their clients as a family, and we only use products our experts test for
durability and reliability, ensuring that you are always protected.
Call us and be free from any sort of lock-related worry.

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