Locksmith in Fort Worth, TX

If you are looking for a good locksmith in Fort Worth, look no further than Lock and Pop.
Whether you have locked yourself out of your car or home or want to install a new lock on
your door, we can do the job for you in the blink of an eye.
Finding a reliable and trustworthy locksmith in Fort Worth is challenging because
people often don’t keep a locksmith in their contact list. In case of any emergency, the
locksmiths out there charge a lot, even for small and easy tasks.
We at Lock and Pop work diligently to provide rapid service at your doorstep. Our team is
highly skilled and friendly, lessening your lock-related worries as best as possible.
Here are some of the noticeable services that we take pride in:

Residential Locksmith Services in Fort Worth

Consider calling a locksmith in Fort Worth to install a new lock on the front door of
Your house or to rekey the Lock since you have misplaced the key. You may also visit a locksmith to get yourself a duplicate house key. If your front door lock is malfunctioning or the garage door lock has frozen, you can call us, and we will be at
your doorstep.
Lock and Pop are a team of reliable locksmiths in Fort Worth that provides a complete
range of residential locksmith services. We install new door locks, repair existing ones, and
provide key duplication and rekeying services. If you are bothered by multiple keys, we can
set up a master key so you can access your entire home with a single key without
worrying about handling numerous keys.
Please also call us if your garage door lock is causing a nuisance or the remote is not
working correctly. We can replace the garage door lock for you and repair the remote or the
old Lock as you need it.
You must change all the locks if you have just moved into a new house in Fort Worth. We
provide an affordable package in which we change all your locks at a very reasonable price
without compromising quality.
Our other advanced residential locksmith services in Fort Worth include deadbolt
installation and repair and keyless locks installation and repair. We also deal in innovative
home security products such as remote and pick-resistant locks to enhance the security of
your house.

Residential Home Safes

We also sell home safes such as guns or jewelry safes. You can contact us to install a new
safe, relocate the safe door opening, and change the combination.
If your business requires a lot of traveling and you are worried about your loved ones back
home, we can install home surveillance cameras that are remotely accessible. You can
access them anywhere, making sure your family is safe.

Our residential locksmith services in Fort Worth are as follows:

  • Home lock installation and repair
  • Key duplication and rekeying services
  • Master key setup
  • Deadbolt installation
  • Keyless and pick-resistant locks
  • Safe installation
  • Safe relocation, door opening, and combination changing
  • Garage door lock installation and repair
  • Home surveillance cameras
  • Smart home security products

Please call us now if you’d like any of these services in your home.


Commercial Locksmith Services in Fort Worth

A business owner’s biggest challenge is keeping their clients’ data safe and
secure. At Lock and Pop, we understand the importance of privacy, and hence we offer a
wide range of commercial locksmith services in Fort Worth, maintaining your business.’
safety and privacy.
If people often crowd your workplace, your data is at risk of breach all the time. You can
keep your records room locked and protected so that only authorized people can access
them. We install biometric security locks to keep your information safe and protected. We
also, provide maintenance and repair of these locks, so you don’t have to worry even after
If you have lost the key to your office or your door lock needs a locksmith to function well
again, we provide door opening, key duplication, and rekeying services.


Commercial Security Solutions

You can make your business even more secure with our access control systems and hidden
cameras, ensuring no intruder can access your valuable assets. We deal in biometric and
wireless security locks that limit the entry of irrelevant persons in sensitive rooms.
With our high-quality magnetic locks, you can make your cabinets and mailboxes safe. We
also provide cabinet lock installation and repair services.
Commercial safes are tricky to relocate and may be damaged if improperly handled. We
are just a call away if you intend to relocate the safe or change the combination. If your safe
Lock creates trouble; we repair safe locks satisfactorily. We also sell high-quality commercial
safes at very affordable prices.
Our commercial locksmith services in Fort Worth are below:

  • Commercial locks installation and repair
  • Key duplication and rekeying services
  • Broken key removal
  • Safe locks repair and combination changing
  • Safe door opening and repair
  • Biometric and wireless security locks installation
  • Electronic and digital locks installation and repair
  • Security doors set up
  • Cabinet and mailbox lock installation and repair
  • Motion detectors and hidden cameras

We are just a call away from making your business fully secure and safe.

Automotive Locksmith Services in Fort Worth

If you are getting late from work, you can accidentally break the key within the ignition lock. It
adds to your frustration, and your anguish peaks in the sky if you don’t have a spare key.
Lock and pop mobile locksmiths in Fort Worth quickly respond to your call and reach you
immediately, so you don’t have to tow your car to your dealer.
We cover all aspects of automotive locksmith services in Fort Worth. We extract broken keys
from the ignition switch that hinder the entrance for any other key. We also quickly build new
keys for your car in case you have lost the original ones.
Our professionals are adept in car door opening, rekeying, key duplication services, and
crafting modern keys such as laser cuts and transponders. If your steering lock creates a
mess, we can fix it for you since we provide steering lock opening and repair, ignition switch
replacement, and repair and break-in repair services. We also install advanced car locks,
such as sidewinder locks, to further the security of your vehicle.
These are some of our automotive locksmith services in Fort Worth:

  • Broken key extraction
  • Key duplication and rekeying
  • Ignition switch repair and replacement
  • Car door opening
  • Steering lock opening and repair
  • Sidewinder lock installation and repair
  • Laser cut and transponder key crafting and programming

Contact us, and we will solve your automotive lock issue at your doorstep!


Emergency Locksmith Services in Fort Worth

76% of our clients first called us in an emergency and needed their lock-related problem
solved immediately. Usually, people don’t have a locksmith in their contact list, and
when they find themselves in an emergency, they waste their precious time finding a
locksmith in Fort Worth who reaches them quickly.
You may accidentally forget and lock the key to your apartment inside, and now you realize
you have locked yourself out of your house. There can be another tragic scenario
where your keys may get stolen, and you can no longer return home.
At Lock and Pop, we understand how confusing and irritating this situation is, so we would like to try
reaching you as soon as possible. Our mobile units arrive at your location within 20 minutes
of your call and provide a quick solution, such as door opening and rekeying services, to
help you get back safely into your home.


Emergency Car Services

Car lockout is a prevalent issue that almost everyone faces at least once in their lifetime. You
may need to forget the key in your car, or your little one may drop it while exiting. Whatever
the cause, you are now standing on a road worrying about what to do.
All you have to do is call us, and we will be at your location within 20 minutes. Our
professionals are highly skilled and will take no time in services such as car door opening,
key duplication, or rekeying services, ensuring you get back on the road safely.
Besides home or car lockouts, you can also call us for commercial lockouts or any other
lock-related emergency. Our emergency locksmith services in Fort Worth include the

  • Car door opening
  • Car rekeying and key duplication
  • Home door opening and rekeying
  • Commercial lock opening and rekeying

Please save our contact for any emergency; we will get back to you soon.

When to call a locksmith?

There is no fixed answer. Locksmith is the first person you
should call before shifting into a new house to check the integrity of all the locks, ensuring
your safety.
There are endless possibilities when you need a locksmith. If you lose your key or your Lock
is not accepting the key anymore, and you may lock yourself out of your house; Lock and
pop is the quickest locksmith in Fort Worth you should call.
Your garage door lock may be causing trouble, or you want to replace your older Lock with a
better one; you need an expert who can do the job quickly.
In case of any emergency such as a lockout, be it a home, commercial, or car lockout, you
need a quick locksmith who comes to you in no time, preventing you from any possible
It would be best to have a reliable and trusted locksmith for safe installation, relocation, or combination changing to installing advanced
security and surveillance systems. In short, there
are infinite scenarios when one needs a locksmith, and Lock and Pop is the only locksmith
in Fort Worth for solving all your problems effectively.

Why Lock and pop?

We are a team of enthusiastic locksmiths in Fort Worth, and we enjoy playing with locks.
Having more than eight years of experience, we have earned our reputation and trust among
the residents of Fort Worth.

Lock and Pop have an agenda of reaching its
clients as quickly as possible and behaving in a friendly manner, so your tension gets
relieved immediately. We are a licensed and insured company, and you can verify our credibility anytime. Our
customers speak of our work themselves.

We will reach you within 20 minutes at your location and get to work as soon as possible. Our
experts are available round the clock, so you don’t have to worry about any lockout situation.
We never take off on holidays or weekends, ensuring your security is never compromised.
Our salient features are our affordability and reliability. We test the products and use only
those that pass rigorous testing, never compromising your safety.
Always call Lock and Pop for any lock-related issue; we will be there quickly!

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