Locksmith in Plano, Tx

If you’re searching for an exceptional locksmith in Plano, look no further than Lock and Pop.
Our team of experts can handle all lock-related issues, from unlocking your car or home to
installing new door locks.
Finding a locksmith, you can trust can be daunting, as many individuals don’t typically keep
locksmiths in their contact list. Some locksmiths charge exorbitant fees in an emergency,
even for simple tasks.
At Lock and Pop, we strive to deliver fast and efficient services to your doorstep. Our skilled
and amicable team will put your lock-related concerns to rest with ease. We take pride in
offering the following premium services:

Residential Locksmith In Plano

If you need a locksmith in Plano, consider contacting Lock and Pop. Whether you need to
install a new lock on your front door, obtain a duplicate house key, or rekey a lock, our team
of reliable locksmiths is here to help. We can also assist with repairing faulty garage or front
door locks or installing advanced security systems like keyless locks or deadbolts.
Having all the locks changed for security is crucial if you’ve recently moved into a new home.
At Lock and Pop, we offer an affordable package for complete lock replacement, ensuring
the protection of your property without sacrificing quality.
In addition to traditional locksmith services, we offer innovative home security products and
safes. Whether you need a safe for your jewelry or firearms, we can provide installation and
assist with relocating or changing the combination. For those who frequently travel, we can
also install remotely accessible home surveillance cameras for peace of mind about the
safety of your loved ones.
Our residential locksmith services in Plano are as follows:

  • Home lock installation and repair
  • Key duplication and rekeying services
  • Master key setup
  • Deadbolt installation
  • Keyless and pick-resistant locks
  • Safe installation
  • Safe relocation, door opening, and combination changing
  • Garage door lock installation and repair
  • Home surveillance cameras
  • Smart home security products

Call us now if you want any of these services in your home.

Commercial Locksmith In Plano

As a business owner, one of the most pressing concerns is ensuring your clients’ data
privacy and security. We understand this critical need at Lock and Pop, so we
offer a comprehensive range of commercial locksmith services in Plano. We aim to help you
safeguard your business, ensuring your valuable assets and sensitive information are
always protected.
With the constant influx of people at your workplace, your data is at risk of being
compromised. Our team of locksmiths can install biometric security locks to secure your
records room, giving you peace of mind that only authorized individuals can access sensitive
information. Our services also include maintenance and repair of these locks, ensuring their
longevity and reliability.

Our biometric and
wireless security locks help limit entry to sensitive rooms, ensuring you keep
unauthorized individuals out. If you’ve lost the key to your office or are experiencing issues with your door lock, we offer
door opening, key duplication, and rekeying services. Additionally, we provide access control
systems and hidden cameras to enhance the security of your business.

access control
systems and hidden cameras to enhance the security of your business. Our biometric and
wireless security locks help limit entry to sensitive rooms, ensuring you keep
unauthorized individuals out.
We offer high-quality magnetic locks to secure your cabinets, mailboxes, and other valuable
assets. We also provide cabinet lock installation and repair services, ensuring the safety of
your belongings. Relocating commercial safes can be challenging and risky, but we are here
to assist you with safe relocation and changing the combination. If you face any safety lock issues, our team can repair them promptly and effectively. We also offer high-quality
commercial safes for sale at affordable prices.

Our commercial locksmith services in Plano are below:

  • Commercial locks installation and repair
  • Key duplication and rekeying services
  • Broken key removal
  • Safe locks repair and combination changing
  • Safe door opening and repair
  • Biometric and wireless security locks installation
  • Electronic and digital locks installation and repair
  • Security doors set up
  • Cabinet and mailboxes lock installation and repair
  • Motion detectors and hidden cameras

We are just a call away from making your business fully secure and safe.

Automotive Locksmith Services

If you’ve ever found yourself stranded due to a broken key in the ignition or lost car keys, you
know the panic that sets in. With Lock and Pop’s mobile locksmith services in Plano, you’ll
never have to worry again. Our quick response time ensures you will be safe for a while, as
we’ll reach you in a flash to help solve your problem.
We offer a comprehensive range of automotive locksmith services in Plano, covering all
car lock-related issues. Our expert technicians are skilled at extracting broken
keys from ignitions and crafting new ones so you can get back on the road quickly.
Our professionals can handle any situation, from car door opening to rekeying, key
duplication, and creating modern laser-cut and transponder keys. We also offer steering lock
opening and repair, ignition switch replacement, break-in repair services, and the installation
of advanced locks, such as sidewinder locks, for increased vehicle security.
These are some of our automotive locksmith services in Plano:

  • Broken key extraction
  • Key duplication and rekeying
  • Ignition switch repair and replacement
  • Car door opening
  • Steering lock opening and repair
  • Sidewinder lock installation and repair
  • Laser cut and transponder key crafting and programming

Contact us, and we will solve your automotive lock issue at your doorstep!

Emergency Locksmith Services

76% of our clients first contact us in emergencies, requiring prompt resolution of their lock
problems. Often, people don’t have a locksmith’s information handy, and in times of urgency,
they waste valuable time searching for a quick-responding locksmith in Plano.
You may be confused and helpless if you have lost your home’s key or the key is stolen. At Lock and Pop, we empathize with these challenges and aim to reach you quickly. Our mobile units will arrive at your location within 20 minutes of your call
and provide swift solutions, like door opening and rekeying, to get you back into your home
Car lockouts are a common occurrence that most people experience at least once. Whether
you forget your car keys inside or your child drops them while exiting, you may find
stranded and wondering what to do. Simply give us a call, and we’ll reach your location
within 20 minutes. Our experts are highly trained and will quickly provide car door opening,
key duplication, or rekeying services to get you back on the road.
We also offer emergency services for commercial lockouts and any other lock-related
problems. Our emergency locksmith services in Plano include the following:

  • Car door opening
  • Car rekeying and key duplication
  • Home door opening and rekeying
  • Commercial lock opening and rekeying

You can save our contact for any emergency, and we will respond lightning-quickly.

When to call a locksmith?

Needing a locksmith can happen in many unexpected situations, and having a trusted one
on hand is essential for your peace of mind. Whether you’re moving into a new home and
want to ensure the locks are secure, or you’ve lost your keys and find yourself locked out of
your house, Lock and Pop is the go-to locksmith in Plano. We offer quick and efficient
services, from car lockouts to garage door lock repairs and replacements and even the
installation of advanced security systems. You

can trust Lock and Pop to provide reliable and professional services when securing your home, car, or business. Don’t wait until you’re in
an emergency to find a locksmith – have Lock and Pop ready for all your lock-related needs.

Why Lock and pop?

As a team of passionate locksmiths in Plano, we have a strong love for locks and the
experience to match. Lock And Pop have more than eight years of experience and hire only experts, so
we solve your issue quickly. We are fully licensed and insured, and our credentials can be
easily verified.
At Lock and Pop, we strive to provide fast and friendly service to ease your worries in any
emergency lockout situation. We understand the importance of prompt and reliable service,
so we are available 24/7 and never take a break on holidays or weekends. Our mobile units
arrive at your location within 20 minutes of your call to solve your lock-related problems on
the spot.
We believe in affordability and reliability, so we only use high-quality products that
our experts have rigorously tested. Our expertise, combined with our commitment to
customer satisfaction, makes us stand out from the crowd. Call Lock and Pop and give us all
your lock-related worries!

Locksmith In Plano
Locksmith In Plano