Master Key

You may have seen a person you know using the same key to unlock the entrance to their home and the door to their building’s lobby.

Is it magic? In no uncertain terms.

It is not only a technique to make things easier for them; instead, it is a way that also puts their lock security at risk.

Not even close.

You have only seen a master key in action at this point. A mastering system is a hierarchical access control system that controls who may enter a facility or installation. Before further investigating this issue, we would like to recall a mastering system. In such a system, the locks and keys are customized by a mastering plan, which creates one or more keys that can unlock all of the waves in the system.

These keys are referred to as “master keys.”

There are some other keys in the system that can only open one particular lock, but all of the other keys in the system can open locks that are either on the same level of access or a lower level.


Simple Master Keying Systems

A simple master key system will include several doors, each of which may be entered by a different user with the key corresponding to that door, as well as one master key that can be used to unlock any door in the system.

Office complexes and smaller businesses often have master keying systems installed in their buildings.

Simple Lobby Master Keying Systems

This is the universal master keying system that is used in residential units.

The key provided to each user allows them entry via any of the authorized standard doors. This may also refer to the locks installed on the doors of people’s houses, storerooms, and other types of buildings, depending on the situation’s specifics.

Lobby Master Keying Systems for Multi-block Residential Complexes with Shared Spaces

When many residential blocks share some common spaces, it is possible to use this arrangement. Every tenant has a single key that opens the entrance to their lobby, the door to their house, and any shared facilities, such as the garages, gardens, etc.


Grand Master Keying Systems.

In these types of systems, there may be several user groups, each of which may have its own set of keys and a set of master keys that allow them access to all of the other doors in their group. There is a “grand master” key that may be obtained at a higher level, and it can be used to access any door in the whole structure.

This is a widespread kind of master keying system that may be found in places like work centers, schools, and hospitals.

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