Master Keying For Residential Properties Benefits Of Using That.

Most people have to deal with the problem of a bunch of keys for different locks, and you have
to keep them all safe. Usually, people lose the keys because it is not easy for people to manage
all the keys. Suppose you have a large house, and it would be difficult for you to carry all the
keys to different rooms and doors; then you should opt for master keying to deal with this.
Further on in this article, we will discuss what master keying is, the benefits of using that, the
requirements of making master keying, cost of doing that. Keep on reading the article to know
everything about master keying.

Master Keying For Residential

Master keying is the solution to deal with the bunch of keys. So, if you have a residential
property and have hired tenants, then you should opt for this as it will help you have a single key
for all the homes, and you can use that. It saves time and money, is easy to manage, and
maintains security. There are different levels of master keying that you can make to run
smoothly every operation. You will get better security and control access to other people also.
Further on in this article, we will discuss each in detail so that you understand better.

What is a master key?

A master key is a key that is made to unlock all the doors with one key. Using that, you do not
have to deal with many keys. But, there are different types of master keys and other levels.

Types Of Master Keys

There are different types of master keys. Here, we will talk about three other master keys.

Grand Master Keys

It is the type of key that can unlock all the locks in the building, and you should not give access
to that to anyone. Only the owner should have access to the master key. Otherwise, you may
have to face the consequences.

Sub-Master Keys

It is the key that can access only a few locks, and you can give access to the different
management people so that you can run the building smoothly.


It is the key you can give to the maintenance persons so they can easily clean the rooms and
bathrooms. If you have some room in the building that contains valuable items, do not give
access to the other persons.

Benefits Of Using The Master Keys

There are lots of benefits you will get by using the master keys. Here we will discuss so that you
have a better understanding.

Time- Saving

When you have only one key to all the locks, you will save time using the different keys to open
the locks. Moreover, you will have to find out keys to the locks that fit the locks. Remembering
which keys fit the locks is not easy if you have a large building. So, to avoid all of that, get the
master keys.

Improves Security

Not only will you get the benefits of time, but it will also improve the security of the building. You
can give access to people you can trust and leave unwanted people out of the building. Security
should be the main property, and you should take that seriously.

Give Access To Different People In Different Locations

Master keying has the option that you can make different keys for different areas, and you can
choose which area should be given access. You should have one master key for yourself to
access all the areas. On the other hand, you can provide access to the employees according to
their jobs. For instance, you have the maintenance staff, they only need keys for rooms, and
bathrooms, so give them the key that has access to all those locations.

Helps In Administration

It is another benefit that you will get by using the master keys. So, if you have a residential
building, and you have the manager to operate it, If the manager has access to all the rooms by
a single key, then he would be able to manage all the rooms properly, and all the tenants will get
their requirements.


It is a cost-effective method as you only have to invest once to make the master keys, But after
that, if you lose the keys, then you do not have to make all the keys now; you can get a copy of
the master keys that can unlock all the locks. So, it will save a lot of money.

Need To Make The Master Key? Call The Professional Locksmith

Suppose you have decided to make the master key. In that case, the next step is to look for a
professional, which is also a problematic job sit is not easy to find a professional locksmith with
the ability. The certification as well so that you can trust them. Do not worry if you need one. Call
us at the Lock and Pop Company; we will help you to make the master key so that you do not
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You all must face the problem that you have to deal with different keys to different locks, which
can also be very hectic. So, you can deal with this by making the master keying. This way, you
will only have one key for all the locks. With the master key, you can manage easily. It will save
time and money also. So, overall it would be an excellent investment to have the master keys.