Residential Lock Change

Residential Lock Change –  Most people have questions about why they need to change their locks when moving into a
home. It is because of security, and maybe the previous homeowner would have the keys, and
in this way, you will have the fear. Moreover, if you lose the keys, you should get your locks
opened & changed before you face any severe consequences because someone can use that
and steal the valuable items of your home.


On the other hand, people generally have to change the locks because of the damage or
someone they want to upgrade the security as well. So, if you have decided to change the
locks, the next step is getting the locks opened and changed. This article will explain the
procedure and the tools you need to act. After reading that, you would know whether you can do
this by yourself or need to call a professional locksmith.


Why do you need to change locks?

Before we tell you how to change the locks, you first need to understand why you need to do
that. There are plenty of reasons to do that. The main
reason is that security is the major problem. If you move into a new home or lose the keys, it is a
must to change the locks because someone can use them to enter the home and steal valuable
items. It can depend on the situation as well. Moreover, sometimes locks need to be fixed, or due to new ones available in the
market, you upgrade the locks, which will also increase the home’s security.


Things You Need To get Locks Opened & Changed.

If you want to open and change the locks, you need to have these tools; otherwise, it would not
be possible for you to do the job.


New Locks

If you have decided to change the locks, the first thing you need to do is to buy new locks. It is
the first step when you are buying new locks is to keep in mind that locks should be compatible
with doors, and if you buy the same company locks that you are already using, then changing
the locks would be as easy as they can fit easily.


Measuring Tape

Next, you must buy measuring tape to ensure the locks are attached
perfectly. Please look at the space before buying the new locks to ensure you
buy the right ones.



If you have the tool in your tool kit, you do not
need to buy but if you do not have one, then before you go into the hardware store to buy that,
first look at what type of locks you are using. It is the tool that needs to open the locks. So, could you buy the screwdriver according to that?


How to Get Locks Opened & Changed Step-by-Step Guideline

It is a complicated procedure; you must follow all the steps to learn how to
do so. Normally, it is better to call a professional locksmith and let them do the job, but if you
want to save money, you can do that by following these steps.


Step One- Remove the old deadbolt lock and hardware.

If you want to change the locks, the first step is that remove the old locks. It is a simple
procedure, and you would need a screwdriver. So, what you will do is you will find out the
screws, and by using the screwdriver, you will remove the deadbolt. Unscrew all the screws on
the door, and remove the deadbolt from the door. So that you know – the first step is complete.


Step Two- Insert Your New Deadbolt

Once you remove the old deadbolt, install the new one exactly into that position. Having the
right lock will be a pretty easy process, and you do not have to face any difficulties. If you face
any issue with the fitting, then there is an issue with the locks, and it is better that you should
find a new lock.


Step Three- Insert Your New Lock

Once you have placed the new deadbolt into the door, it is time to insert the new lock. The
deadbolts will have places where you can fit the new locks, and after finding out those
places assemble the locks with the deadbolts. Use screws to make them stay in place. Just to let you know – the
procedure is complete, and you have successfully installed the new locks. It cannot be easy
if you do not have the right knowledge, but following the instructions can do that.


Step Four- Test Your Locks

If you have successfully replaced the old locks with the new ones, it is time to test whether the
lock is working. Could you check whether it opens with the keys and if there are no
hindrances to using the locks properly? If you face any issues and cannot solve them by
yourself, it is time to call a professional locksmith so that they can help you.


When Should You Call The Professional Locksmith?

Changing locks is difficult; if you do not know, you should not try to change them
yourself because it will complicate things. Moreover, it is a matter of security, and if you do not
install the locks perfectly, thieves will easily open them. Changing the locks will
need a tool kit; if you do not have one, it is better to call a professional as it will cost you a lot to
buy the kit. There are also plenty of reasons that force us to get the help of a professional. If you
have old locks, removing them will be challenging because of rust. So, for that, you need a
professional locksmith. Moreover, if you want to get rid of multiple and only one key, you should
call the locksmith to get the job done.


Are You Looking For A Licensed Locksmith To Change the Locks, And Protect Your Home?

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How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Locks Changed?

If you want to buy new locks, then you should check the cost of different locks. So, normally it
costs around 35- 45$ for the deadbolt. But, if you hire a professional locksmith to do the job, it
will go higher because a locksmith generally charges 50- 100$ to come and change the locks.
The cost can vary according to the lock types and from place to place. In some places, labor
cost is less.


How Fast Can Locks Be Changed?

Normally, changing the locks takes around 10 to 15 minutes, but it also depends on the type and
labor experience. Some locks are more complicated, and if the locksmith is inexperienced, it
can take longer to do that.


When Should Locks Be Changed?

Normally, when you move into a new home or lose the keys. But, if nothing happens, the locks
still need to be changed. In general, you should replace the locks every seven years. However,
if you find any issues, you can also change the locks early.


How Long Do Deadbolts Last?

It depends on the quality of the locks, and good quality locks can last for decades. So, when you
buy the locks, and look for the better quality because it is a matter of security, and you will not
have to change the locks most often.


Residential Lock Change Conclusion

After reading the article, you would have understood the procedure to change the locks. Now,
you can decide whether you want to change the locks by yourself or you need to hire a
professional locksmith. Overall, it is better to hire a professional. And let them do the job. It is a
better option to improve security, and if you have any damage to the locks, you should get them
changed as soon as possible. Especially when you lose the keys or enter a new home, it is
better to change the locks.

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