Restricted Keyway And Their Usefulness In Businesses

The keyway is the part of a lock that holds the key. In a restricted keyway, grooves are on the
top and bottom to prevent other objects from entering it. This makes it more difficult for someone
to pick your locks. The restricted keyway system is used in numerous automotive, healthcare
and warehousing industries.

Restricted Keyways & Its Purposes

A restricted keyway is an opening in the lock that allows a specific tool to fit into it. Putting your
restricted key into the lock will open the door without removing any other pieces of hardware on
your premises or breaking anything.

Restricted keyways are a great way to ensure your business is safe and secure while not losing
money by having to replace parts or fix damage caused by trying to open doors with standard
keys that don’t fit properly.

How can you tell if your business needs a restricted keyway system?

It can be difficult to tell if your company needs a restricted keyway system, but here are some
questions that may help you determine the answer:

● How many employees do you have?
● How many customers do you have?
● Is your business in an area with high crime rates?

Benefits Of Restricted Keyway

Now that you know what a restricted keyway system is let’s take a look at some of its benefits to
your business.

Reduce Theft

A restricted keyway system reduces the risk of theft by ensuring that only authorized people can
access certain areas within your company. This means that if someone could gain unauthorized
access, they would not be able to steal anything without proper authorization or consent from an
employee with the proper keys.

Prevents Employees

In addition, this also prevents employees from entering areas they shouldn’t be in (for example,
if a restricted keyway locks an office). By reducing such instances and ensuring everyone stays
where they need to stay, you can reduce potential losses due to theft or fraud.


Types Of Restricted Keyways

There are many restricted keyways, but they all serve the same purpose: to give you control
over who can access your business. A restricted keyway is a specific shape for a lock or key
that makes it difficult for unauthorized people to enter. There are two main types of restricted
keyways: master and universal.

Master Keyways

A master keyway is a specific shape that allows one type of lock to be opened with any number
of keys. This means that only one person needs access to all the keys needed for opening your
business’s locks, which helps keep things simple when trying to manage them all at once. It also
lets multiple people know about each other’s security codes without sharing them with everyone
else in case someone leaves or gets fired from their position at work—or if they simply aren’t
trustworthy anymore!

Universal Keyways

A universal keyway allows multiple-shaped tools (like wrenches) into its design so that they may
function properly while preventing anyone not authorized from gaining entrance through brute
force attacks.

How To Choose The Right Keyway System

When choosing a restricted key system, choosing the right company with a good reputation is
important. Ask for recommendations and see if others have had similar experiences with this

Also, ask about their quality of products and services and their security measures for your
business. What kind of customer service do they provide? Do they offer any particular discounts
or deals on new systems? Speak with them directly through phone calls and emails to get all the
details before deciding whether or not you want to work together.

Keeping The System Up-To-Date

Keeping your keyway systems updated is important for both business owners and employees. It
helps prevent unauthorized access to the facility and ensures that only authorized personnel
can access sensitive information or property.

If you’re an employee, it also provides peace of mind by reducing the risk of theft or fraud from
other employees with less than legitimate intentions.
If you’ve lost a key or if one has been stolen from you, it’s important to report this immediately so
that the rest of your keys can be deactivated as soon as possible. This will help prevent further
damage once someone else gets their hands on them.

What To Do If You Lose Your Keys?

If you lose or misplace your keys, don’t panic. Several things can be done to help get you back
into your safe quickly and efficiently.

Call A Locksmith

If you have lost or misplaced your key, the first thing to do is call a locksmith. They can create
duplicate copies of the lock, which is often faster and cheaper than replacing it entirely. If they
don’t have copies of your lock on hand, they may be able to order them for delivery later that
day or within a few days of ordering.

Get A New Safe

If no copies are available for the lock in question, the only option left is getting another safe
altogether! That might sound like more work than it’s worth, but losing access to important
documents or valuables puts you at risk; then, it could very well be worth considering this option
if no other options exist.

Are You Looking For A Licensed Locksmith To Help Protect Your Business?

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Restricted keyway systems are becoming more and more popular in businesses all over the
world. If you’re unsure if your business needs one, take a look at some of the benefits listed
above to see if they would be advantageous. We can help you choose and install the right
system for your company so that you can rest assured knowing your property is safe and
secure. Have questions or need help? Give Lock And Pop Inc. a call today!