Why You Need A Lock Rekey

Lock Rekey

When it comes to home security, your house’s door locks are your first line of protection. When you purchase a new house, you must expect that the previous owners, their family/friends, the Realtor, and potentially even contractors have access to your new home. Rekeying your locks is a cost-effective way to keep your property safe. […]

Change locks vs Rekey Locks

residential lever lock

Have you heard about the rekeying of locks? Usually, when people move to a new house orlose their keys, they think that the only option is to change the locks. They need to find out the other options they have. So, the best way is that consider all the options andchoose the best among them. Change […]

Lock Rekey – The Guide

Lock Rekey

Why do you need Rekey Lock? There can be a lot of reasons for this. You buy a new house. And fear the previous owners may have keys to your house. Lost keys and are You are concerned about security. So, instead of changing the whole lock, a good option is Rekey Locks. It would […]