Transponder Keys

Due to the increasing crime rate, the problem of car theft has been a major problem. To avoid
the problem, transponder keys are introduced. It is considered safer compared to the others.
Most people need to learn what transponder key is, How they work, and what benefits you
will get by using that. This article will explain everything you need to know about transponder

What Are Transponder Keys?

To prevent car theft in the past, people used transponder key. The transponder key has
microchips that transmit the signals to the remote. Every transponder keys have a serial
number. So, each car will detect that particular serial number and only open in case of the exact
serial number. Transponder keys use RFID (radio frequency identification).

Working Of Transponder Key.

The working of transponder key is very simple. This key uses radio frequency identification.
When you enter the keys, it will transmit the signals to the receiver that is present in the car near
the ignition point. After that, the car lock will open when the signals match. Moreover, if you
somehow manage to open the car locks but do not have the transponder keys, the car will not
be started. So, it makes it impossible for the thieves to steal the car.

Why are they considered more secure?

Transponder keys are safer than traditional ones because they use radio frequency
identification. It presents the car breaking out. So, normally, thieves break into the car, and after
that, they break the ignition and start the car. But, in the case of transponder keys. Transponder keys transmit the signal that detects by the ignition chamber, and if that
match, it will be possible to start the car. Moreover, it also reduces the chances of using the
other keys. So, if you are afraid that your car is at risk, invest in the transponder keys.

Beneifts of Transponder Key

There are lots of benefits that you can get by using the transponder keys.


It is more secure than the traditional keys, and even if the thieves have managed to enter the
car, it would still be possible for them to start the car with the transponder keys. Because
transponder keys will send the signals, there is a receiver inside the car right next to the ignition
point, and when that signal’s frequency matches, only the car will start. So, your car will be
safe even if the thief has managed to break the door.

Better Functionality

Not only it improves security, but it also helps the owner to lock the cars even from a distance,
and when you lock or unlock the cars, you will receive the alert alarms, and you will be able to
hear the sound as well. So, due to that, you will have the satisfaction that your car is safe.
Sometimes, it happens that you forget to lock the car doors. In that case, it will alert you and
saves you from serious issues.

Easy To Use

Despite the fact it provides security, there are lots of functions that you can get. The main thing
is that it is very easy to use, and you would not have to struggle as a car owner. Because it is
easy to use, it is the most popular. It working is very simple; you have to push the button, and
the car will detect the signals and unlock the door.

Drawbacks of Transponder Keys

Every technology that we use we have to face some drawbacks as well. Because not everything
is security proof, there are problems that you may face when you have the transponder keys.

Battery Dies

Modern cars only have transponder keys, and they do not have traditional keys along them. As
transponder keys work on the battery, you will not
be able to open the car if you run out of the battery. So, suppose you’re alone in the middle, and this happens to you. You
would need help to look out for the locksmith to help you in this case. If you are a resident of
Dallas, Texas, then do not worry. We have got you covered; call Lock and Pop. We will
immediately send the team to help you.

Expensive Replacement

If you lost the transponder keys, you would not be able to start the keys, and for security
reasons, you would have to replace the keys. If you compare the cost of this to traditional keys, then it
is very expensive, and for only locks, you have to pay 100$. So, where you will get benefits, you
will have to pay extra for that.

Why is it expensive to install the Transponder Keys?

It is expensive compared to the normal keys because it contains the microchip which transmits
the signals, and also we need to install the receiver. Because there are digital devices, making them is also expensive. Moreover, you must pay the locksmith to program
the car with transponder keys. So, due to all of that, it is expensive.

Where to get the Transponder Keys Made?

So, if you have decided to install the transponder keys, this is the first question that comes to
mind of the people who can get the Transponder keys. So, there are two places where you can
go. Car dealerships also help you with this purpose but are a bit expensive. So, could you hire a local
locksmith who helps you make the transponder keys? They will charge you less as compared to
the others. Now, the question arises, where can we find the locksmith to help us with this
purpose? While you’re hiring a locksmith, be aware that there are lots of fraudulent companies;
so when you need a locksmith, always hire certified companies to avoid
the problems. I just wanted to let you know that you do not need to worry. We have got you covered.

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Can you reprogramme the transponder keys?

Yes, it is possible to do that. But some keys can be reprogrammed, but not all keys.

It also depends on the technician whether he knows to do that.

Is it possible to program the Transponder keys without the original?

Yes, it is possible to program the transponder keys without the original keys. For that locksmith,
it would be best if you made the replacement key; after that, they will program the keys.

Do transponder keys have some drawbacks?

Yes, every technology has some disadvantages. So, in the case of transponder keys, if the car’s
battery dies over a very long time, then, in this case, transponder keys may lose their memory,
and they will not work properly. Moreover, hackers can duplicate the signals, open the locks,
and start the car. Yes, it is more secure than the traditional keys, but it has some drawbacks.

Is it possible to program the transponder keys by yourself?

No, it is not possible. To make this work, you should have the proper knowledge and tools, so if
it would be best if you programmed the keys and called a professional locksmith to do the job.

How much does it cost for the transponder keys?

All key fobs must be programmed for programming, which is expensive. It costs around 50 $ to 100$ for the keys to be programmed. It varies according to the car and
the area as well.


Car stealing has been increasing in the past, and if you do not take appropriate measures, your
car will always be at risk. So, to solve these problems, transponder keys are introduced. The
modern transponder keys can open the locks as well. The main benefit of using them is that they
send the signals and receiver recipes. When that match, the only car will be started. So, even if
the thieves have entered the car, they still have to face the problem. So, it is a good
investment to program the keys and call a professional locksmith because it is not
possible for you to do that. After reading the article, you would have understood what
transponder keys are and why you need to have that.