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Trunk Unlock

If you need help getting into your Trunk Unlock, don’t worry! There are plenty of ways to Trunk Unlock.
The first step is to ensure that you need nothing in your Trunk Unlock. Then, check under
the car cover and look for a release lever (it will have an arm). If you can’t find it, try looking
around the area near where the spare tire would be stored or near where the gas tank is
located. Once you’ve found it, push down hard on it until your trunk pops open!

When Can You Consider Trunk Unlock?

If you have locked your trunk and can’t get to your car, you may be tempted to call a locksmith.
However, if the lock is broken or malfunctioning, you need to go to a professional for help. If the
trunk lockout is due to a mechanical problem, you should consider hiring a locksmith.
A certified automotive locksmith services all kinds of vehicles and provides top-quality work at
an affordable price. They will be able to look at your situation and find out if they can help you
with your trunk unlock needs. If so, they will come out and get it fixed right away!

Making Sure Trunk Is Empty

Before you unlock your trunk, please ensure it’s empty. Trunks are heavy and can crush you if
they open while you are inside. If unsure whether the trunk is empty, you can use a mirror to
check inside. Please take this step, as it is dangerous to do without any precautions.

Tools For Getting Trunk Open

  • If you’re having trouble opening your trunk, try using a coat hanger or bobby pin to make
    an unlocking tool.
  • Insert the wire into the release mechanism.
  • It should slide in easily, but be careful not to poke yourself.
  • This can also work with a bobby pin. If you don’t have a spare, would you look in your owner’s manual if you can’t find it

Finding The Release Lever

Could you look in your owner’s manual if you can’t find it? This is a common place to store important
information like this, and it’s worth checking there first before considering calling a mechanic. If you still can’t find the release lever, don’t worry; ask someone else who has seen or
used one.

Look In Your Car’s Manual

The location of your trunk release lever is likely to be found in the manual that came with your
car. The manual will tell you how to open and close the trunk and where to find the lever
that unlocks it.

The most common spot for a trunk release lever is on the inside of the trunk (where a cover
plate hides it), but it also can be on the outside of the car, usually near where one would place
their hand while opening/closing their car door.

Push Down Hard On The Latch Mechanism

You can fashion an unlocking tool out of a coat hanger or bobby pin. To do so, find the right area
of the car with a latch mechanism and push down hard on it to make it move. If you’re
having trouble opening your trunk, try using a coat hanger or bobby pin to make an
unlocking tool.

Press The Button On Your Key Fob, If You Have One

The first method uses your key fob. If you have one, press the button on it and hold it down. The
the trunk should unlock after a few seconds.

If this doesn’t work, try using a key to unlock the trunk inside the car. This might be more
difficult if you’re parked in an awkward location, but if nothing else works, it’s worth trying—you
can always call a professional to help if necessary!

Understand How It Works

To unlock the trunk of your vehicle, you need to make sure it’s empty. Doing this can only be easy if you know where the items are in the trunk. It’s easiest if you’ve just
removed something from the car that morning or last night so that everything is visible inside of
it. If not, try moving some things around until they’re out in plain sight; this should also help.
The next step is using a coat hanger or similar object (wire works best) to reach one side of
the keyhole and pull out whatever mechanism was locking it down on its own accord (typically,
there will be two sides with locks).

You may want to use gloves at this point; sometimes, these mechanisms can get quite hot when
exposed for long periods without being cooled off by airflow through vents or other
openings in your vehicle for cooling purposes!


What Can We Offer?

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Don’t worry if you need help opening your trunk. There are numerous methods for
trunk unlock. The most typical location for a trunk release lever is inside the trunk, concealed by a
cover plate. But, If a trunk opens while you are inside, it could crush you because it is so
heavy. If you’re having difficulties opening your trunk, consider creating an unlocking tool
out of a coat hanger or bobby pin.


Hopefully, we’ve made it easier for you to unlock your car trunk. If you have any questions
about this process or need some help with another project on your vehicle, don’t hesitate to
contact Lock and Pop Inc! We’re always happy to help out our customers in any way possible.


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